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Pellet and other bio-fuel heating products are still an up-and-comer in the hearth industry, despite being around since the early 1970's. There has been a learning curve for the industry including standardizing the fuel, the chimney, even the combustion process itself.

Today, pellet stoves are very reliable heaters that have as many design options as any other stove or fireplace type. Pellet appliances use an auger to feed pellets from a hopper into a burn pot where they are burned. This automatic feeding made heating with a wood by-product user friendly. New stoves are technological marvels that keep themselves relatively clean and can be used with a thermostat or remote control.

Pellet appliances require electricity to operate and many utilize computers to manage all their functions. It is important if you plan to use a backup power source or generator that is designed to be safe to use with computers as you do not want to damage your pellet appliance.

With the exception of 2006, pellet fuel has been available and fairly consistent in price for premium quality pellets. There is a popular non-premium pellet available in our area that does not supply the same heat output or burn charactaristics of premium pellets, so check your supplier for premium pellets for the best results.
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What you should know before you buy a pellet stove -

- Require power suitable for computers
- Must be thouroughly maintaned - check the owner's manual of the appliance you intend to purchase for the specifics as they do vary
- You should be able to carry a 40 pound bag of fuel
- Ashes from pellet stoves are very fine and a standard vacuum can spread them. An ash vac is best.
- Like propane, to get the best price, you need to buy your fuel in the summer
- Like any woodburning, the chimney should be cleaned and inspected at least annually
- Not all pellet stoves are automatic, and must be lit manually
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