Fireplaces and Stoves - Logs and Glass Burners

We carry one of the largest selectrion of gas logs (and non-log burners) in Missouri. Gas logs have been transformed by manufacturers into incredibly realistic representations of real wood fires.

In addition to logs, new media options have become popular in the past few years. One of the most popular are the many glass products available for use with burners. Other options include metal tubes, ceramic fiber stones and sand.

We have a solution to fit your taste and lifestyle.
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Things to consider when thinking about an open burner-

- We will come to your home to measure exact before you order, but the measurements we need are the height, the front width and the rear width.

- A gas log WILL NOT improve the draft of your fireplace. If you get smoke in your house now, a log set will also draft its gases into your home.

- A gas log can use up to 400% more fuel than a comparable gas insert. While gas inserts have a higher up-front cost, their efficiency and fuel savings will quickly make them a better value.

- Vent-free gas logs aren't. They vent into your home. While this is mostly safe, there are definate concerns. Take a look at our vent-free page for more information.