Fireplaces and Stoves - Inserts

Inserts are a common way to solve the problem of an old, drafty wood burning fireplace. An insert is an entire hearth appliance, sized down to fit within your existing firebox. Options include wood inserts, gas inserts, electric inserts and pellet inserts. Each operates like a normal full-sized appliance, just smaller.

When trying to get heat out of an existing fireplace that doesn't supply much heat, inserts are usually the most cost-effective solution. No matter the fuel (except electric) an insert will always put out more heat than your open wood burning fireplace because the air intake and combustion process are both controlled precisely.

The usual downside to an insert is that it takes what used to be a big opening and shrinks it down because the enitre unit must sit within your existing firebox. When measuring to see what size insert will fit in your fireplace, the most critical measurement is the opening height. It is usually what determines the largest insert you can have.

It is due to the smaller window size that many of our clients have found it advantageous to replace a fireplace rather than purchase an insert. We have the ability to replace most fireplaces for the same cost, or slightly more than the cost of an insert, providing a full-sized opening for less than you might imagine.
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Things to consider when thinking about an insert -

- We will come to your home to measure exact before you order, but the measurements we need are the height, the front width and the rear width.

- A wood insert may not always solve a back-draft problem. We would need to inspect your individual situation to determine viability.

- An insert will normally have a power cord for the blower visible on the outside of the fireplace.

- Inserts will give you a smaller opening than you have currently.

- Inserts will usually need their own seperate chimney (installed with your existing chimney) to operate correctly and safely.