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Tips and tricks to keeping your glass in good shape.

We have some pretty rough water in our area. The water I'm talking about is in our homes, not just in the lake. The mineral content and hardness in our water, combined with the less-than-regular use of our lake homes contributes to hard water stains and mildew on our showers.

Your mom's remedy is still the best. Vinegar. After cleaning your glass with either regular glass cleaner or, better yet, vinegar and water; use a solution of 2 Tbsp vinegar to 1 Qt HOT water to coat the glass then buff dry with a clean lint-free towel. This will help keep stains from forming and works to keep mirrors fog-free as well.

If you want to go the chemical route, and don't like wiping down your shower enclosure after every shower, apply Rain-X to the interior glass of your shower enclosure. BE CAREFUL to not get the Rain-X on metal, the vinyl gasketing or your fiberglass tub enclosure to avoid discoloring. Also, use with the exhaust fan in the room turned on to avoid a build-up of the fumes as they can be an eye irritant.

If you like the manual labor associated with wiping down your shower after each use, we highly recommend the Cleret Classic Shower Squeegee available nearly everywhere. Quick, easy and reliable.
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