Flooring is a terrible industry.

- Manufacturer's rarely stand behind their warranties, because it's cheaper to toss a lawyer at the problem.
- The warranties do not cover removal/replacement labor costs.
- Manufacturers have used advertising to inflate customer's expectations of quality far beyond that of the product.
- Even if the warranty on a product applies, it will only apply to the portion of the product not installed in direct sunlight, in a traffic area, on an uneven floor, exposed to moisture...in other words, the area under your bed is covered.

We carry flooring because we need to have it available to complete our turn-key remodels and because there are several of our contractors that prefer to buy their flooring through us over the competition. We are not a flooring retail store, however carry complete lines of hardwood and tile as well as Shaw and DreamWeaver carpets. If you bring us a sample of what you are looking for, we can find it and sell it to you cheaper than the next guy, because that's really all there is left to do in the flooring industry.

Oh yeah, and it's AMAZING how the big three mills are able to get matching price increases out so consistently.
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Don't let my words discourage you. Everyone needs flooring. It's a necessary evil. I just don't like the industry. We will be happy to help you with your flooring needs any way we can, including giving you straight forward information about what you are buying. No sales, no gimmicks, no pushing...just information and service.