Fireplaces and Stoves

We represent one of the largest array of fireplaces and stoves in the area. Our manufacturers have partnered with us due to our continued successes in business, training and customer service. We are proud and fortunate to work with the premier manufacturers in the hearth industry.

Let's start off with all things flammable...fuel options.

Wood fireplaces, gas stoves, electric space heaters and pellet inserts all have one thing in common. Everyone thinks at least one isn't the 'real deal'. We don't mind, and want to make sure you get the type of fireplace or stove that is right for you. There are several myths we'd like a chance to dispel however, and the Fuels section allows us to do just that.

Oh, you know what you want? If you're sure...

Since you're here, you really fall into two groups. Those that want a fireplace or stove, or those that want to fix and/or change the the fireplace or stove they have. And such, your journey begins. There will be several options and forks in the road, but together we can get you where you need to be. may forge straight ahead to "Building a New Home"

...or you may be "Remodeling an Existing Home."

Just please mind your fingers and loose clothing - we don't
want anyone to get burned on the way.
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