Grills and Barbecues - Built-In

Built-in grills and barbecues provide a permanent place for entertainment. They add considerable value to a home and are one of the most desired features to home buyers.

Built-in grills come in an unlimited array of styles with various features and creature comforts. A simple post-mounted grill will offer the least expensive option and take up the least amount of space. Enclosing a grill in a cabinet can add storage, serving space and much more.

Some things to keep in mind while seeking grills to build in -

- All grills require a considerable amount of space to things that burn or melt, like wood and siding. Plan your placement carefully.
- Most grills that are designed to be portable, have no way to be safely enclosed in an island due to the lack of air flow.
- Most grills cannot be built into a wood frame, and must be surrounded by at least 30" of non-combustible material.
- Trapped heat inside these enclosures leads to a much higher risk of grease fire. Don't guess when it comes to design.
- Grills should never be located under cover, without heat protection and a hood to remove smoke and fumes.

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